How to promote your services to a novice translator

Having finally received the long-awaited diploma of a translator by nepali to english translate, having written a portfolio and resume, having completed your first professional translation, it seems that you are ready to plunge headlong into this field of activity. But this is where further questions arise: What next? How to promote your services and establish yourself as a good specialist in the labor market? How to get your own customer base and finally start earning a steady income?

The following are some of the most doable and helpful tips that can help a newbie translator to advance in the job market: First, you need to put your resume on job search sites. The main criterion when choosing sites should be their respectability and scale. There is no need to register on all sites, just select a few of the most popular ones. Secondly, it will not be superfluous to register on freelance exchanges and fill out a portfolio there. Many exchanges have a unique opportunity to create your own profile, where you have the opportunity to post information about yourself and show options for the orders you have completed. Third, send your resume to the translation agencies or companies you are interested in. In order to find data about them, you just need to use online catalogs or just search the network. Many translation agencies need translators on a regular basis, therefore, you have a real chance that they will be interested in you. Fourth, subscribe to the vacancies newsletter from the job search sites that are of most interest to you. This will make your life much easier, since you will not have a constant need to visit this very site, updates on available vacancies will directly come to your email.

A novice translator has the opportunity to choose one or several of the proposed options, perhaps you have your own options. It must be remembered that the main thing in promoting your services is thinking over every little thing. Your resume should be filled out properly, only the best of your work should be in the portfolio, and you should certainly rationally evaluate the price for your services. A potential client will definitely turn his attention to these criteria, he should feel that you are a professional and it is worth dealing with you, and perhaps then he will choose you.