Analysis of the Indian translation market

Overcoming the language barrier and english to bangla translation is exactly what the job of a translation agency is all about. Today the demand for translations is growing rapidly all over the world. India is also developing and many companies and entrepreneurs around the world are interested in it. India is on an equal footing with countries that are active globally. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine their work without translations. India translates more than 70 languages, among them: English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, Moldavian, Azerbaijani, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Norwegian, Georgian, Lithuanian, Thai, Kazakh, Finnish, Czech.

In India, translation services can be provided by both freelancers and translation agencies. Among the most famous organizations that translate huge texts: IndRus Translation Bureau, Knowledgework, All Translation Services, Global Languages, Shakti Enterprise – Language Translation Agency, TransLang Ways Private Ltd. These services are provided in many large and small cities: Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Varanasi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Panaji.

In India, clients apply to translation bureaus: personal documents (documents, passports, various certificates, certificates, consents and powers of attorney), educational documents (school certificates, university diplomas, academic transcripts), technical descriptions, specifications, contracts, plans , books, newspapers and magazines on various topics, medical records, bank documents, invoices, theses, constituent documents, contracts and agreements of companies, legislative acts, business plans, private powers of attorney and statements, declarations and certificates of institutions, technical specifications, business correspondence , financial and bank documentation, many different projects and more.

By the way, the prices in India are very high due to the lack of experienced and qualified translators, so this work costs a lot of money. Prices depend on the deadlines for the delivery of the translation, the type of translation (consecutive translation of negotiations, simultaneous translation, services of a guide-interpreter), subject of the translation, the required number of translators, etc. The translation market in India is barely developing; translations are often done word-for-word, which significantly affects the quality of translations.