Features of business translation

In the modern world, specialists and companies often cooperate with each other, being in different countries and, as a result, speaking different languages. In such circumstances, it is particularly important to be able to convey information correctly and use translation app for iphone. Translators need to be able to convey not only the meaning of the message, but also the details, and maintain a style of writing. When translating contracts, agreements and contracts, it is important to avoid any distortion of meaning, otherwise mistakes can result in multi-million dollar lawsuits.

What do you need to consider when translating business correspondence and what do you need to know to do it the best way?

Lexical peculiarities of translation
First of all, it is important to study the structure of the official business style and translator app android, which has two sub-styles: official-documentary and everyday-business.

The first sub-style is the language of diplomats, the second is used for official correspondence. The first sub-style is informative, that is, the most important thing is to convey the essence of the letter, its content. Word-for-word translation is quite appropriate here.

There are several requirements for translation of business correspondence:

– Clarity and accuracy: Everything in the letter must be translated without adding any additional information, almost “word for word”.
– Brevity: brevity is the most important requirement for translating business letters.
– Consistency with language rules: Translation is done according to codification, that is, according to accepted norms of the language.

The official business style, as well as other styles, is characterized by the use of neologisms which are sometimes difficult to translate, because some of them have not yet been officially adopted. But they can still be translated according to the general principle.
If you have difficulty in the translation of a lexeme, you can use an expanded description, which will reveal its meaning.

The easiest way to translate a difficult concept is to use transliteration. This means that you need to find an equivalent in Russian, for example, and if there is such a norm, just rewrite the word in Cyrillic. Often, foreign words go into the active vocabulary of the Russian language, so you only need to find a confirmation and use it.

Grammatical peculiarities of business translation
Very often a translator encounters a discrepancy in the grammatical structure of languages, especially with the category of numbers. In this case, knowledge of the use of this category in both languages and the translator’s attentiveness are necessary.

A great difficulty is the translation of passive structures in English. The thing is that in this language, they are used quite often, and in Russian much less often. When translating, it is important to take into account not only this feature, but also the fact that some constructions do not have equivalents. Even despite the requirement to translate as accurately as possible, in this situation it is necessary to replace the English passive voice with the active one in Russian.

As for grammatical tenses, you need to be very careful when translating, because English often uses the present simple to express the future tense.

Problems of correspondence translation
To translate business documents, a translator needs excellent knowledge of the language, as well as knowledge of the peculiarities of business correspondence. The most important thing is to translate the text as close to the original as possible using cliches and codified words, it is called equivalence. Equivalence is also important, according to which the content of the letter will not be distorted and will be translated as precisely as possible. Only in this case, the translation can be called professional.

Considering the peculiarities of translation of business correspondence, we can conclude that the translation should be as close to the original as possible and, if you cannot do without deviations, they should be justified.