Useful tips for beginners to learn Japanese

1. Practice translating english to russian every day. Languages with hieroglyphic writing are forgotten very quickly without regular practice, so you should not take breaks. One of the basic rules in learning Japanese is that it is better to study every day for 20-30 minutes than once a week for 3 hours. As practice shows, rare and / or irregular classes are practically of no benefit.

2. Listen to radio, podcasts and songs in Japanese. Watch movies with subtitles, TV news. Even if at first you do not understand anything, it will help you get used to the sound of Japanese speech, to feel the rhythm of this complex East Asian language.

3. Pay special attention to pronunciation, because in Japanese even the wrong intonation in most cases leads to a change in the meaning of what was said. It is unlikely that you will be able to put the correct pronunciation on your own, since at the first stages you definitely need feedback from the teacher. A few individual lessons will still have to be taken.

4. There are many free and paid applications for smartphone owners that help to learn Japanese and translate english to french. Do not neglect them. Here are just a few interesting applications:

The popular Obenkyo app will help you memorize syllables and hieroglyphs using flash cards;
Easy Japanese is an effective app for learning Japanese with real conversational phrases;
The Learning Japanese app will help you get started with the basics of the Japanese language – syllabaries, basic characters, basic grammar.

Yes, learning Japanese is not so easy, but it is quite possible. To achieve this goal, two main components are necessary – powerful motivation and self-discipline. There are a lot of ways to learn the Nihongo language, for the best result, we recommend using all available tools.